Healthy air for schools and offices
the energy neutral ventilation solution for meeting- and classrooms
Activates automatically
Designed for classrooms
Green power
Based on real-time sensor data the ventilation system activates automatically once CO2 values exceed the configured threshold levels, preventing bad air quality and its consequences like the spread of viral airborne diseases.
The air4schools system doesn’t make noise and integrates seamlessly into the existing windows, making it perfectly suitable for classrooms. It does not only filter air, it also exchanges air by bringing in fresh air from outside.
The heat recovery system is energy- efficient and economical and the system can even be powered with solar panels (optional).
Dull classroom air is exchanged for fresh outside air
easy, modular and cost- efficient
double protection
best air quality
- Built-in ready – simple fit in module
- Electronic components compatible with many standards
- Protective extra low voltage 12V
- Bypass of power failure with battery possible
- Filters from pollen filter to active carbon
- No chance for dirty outdoor air to come in
noiseless function
intelligent networking
heat recovery
- Perfect control technology and optimized motors
- Connectivity with building automation and heating for the best efficiency
- Energy efficient and economical for high air quality
calculable investment
no intervention in building infrastructures
operation with clear energy
- Step by step installation
- Can be dismantled at any time without interfering with the architecture
- Energy supply with solar power possible
The installation is quick and integrates well into a classroom. The system is installed in the existing window frames, where no drilling in the building walls are needed and can therefore also easily be dismantled anytime in the future. Alternatively, the system can be installed in the traditional way in the wall. The heat recovery system ensures that the solution doesn’t contribute heavily towards CO2 emissions. The system is only operational when the sensor detects that the room’s air quality is actually bad and ventilation is needed.
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In short, air4schools creates the perfect indoor environment for students to perform
at their best in healthy air. Our team is ready to improve the air quality in your school.
Contact us to receive a quotation directly as well as installation advice.