Always a healthy, comfortable indoor climate in your building
HVAC Optimization
Save 10-25% in energy consumption
ROI as fast as 1 year
Carbon footprint reduction
Healthy buildings
Your investment can pay out in as fast as less than a year. Up-front investment and/or As A Service model available.
With energy savings from 10 up to 25% on your HVAC system, your building’s carbon footprint is significantly lowered. For a smart, sustainable future.
Continuous steering of the ventilation systems ensures healthy indoor air quality levels. This minimizes the risk for spreading viral diseases, like COVID-19.
Internet of Things and AI based
We will install wireless indoor climate sensors in your building, to monitor conditions in real- time. This data is combined with external weather data, energy tariffs and more, as well as data from the Building Management System. The control algorithm then optimizes and steers the HVAC system to maximize indoor climate quality and optimize the energy usage.
Get started
The solution is designed to be easy to install in existing buildings. The wireless sensors are easy to install and the software is independent of existing building management systems.