Always a healthy, comfortable indoor climate in your building
COVID-19 CO2 Monitoring
Ensure a healthy indoor environment by monitoring indoor air quality levels. Receive alarm notifications if threshold levels are passed. Feel welcome to request a demo.
Create a safe, healthy building
Increase productivity
Identify structural ventilation problems
Your customers, employees and other visitors deserve to spend time in safe, healthy environments. Good indoor air quality minimizes the risk of spreading diseases.
Office spaces and schools often have CO2 concentrations of more than 1.500 ppm. Bring it back to healthy levels and increase productivity with more than 50%.
Your historical measurement data is available for analysis. This allows you to find and fix structural problems with your ventilation system.
Internet of Things based
Our wireless LoRaWAN sensor devices collect data on CO2 levels continuously. This data becomes available in your online dashboard. You receive alarm notifications when threshold levels are passed. Any visitor can get insights into the data by scanning a QR code.
Get started
Set up your own monitoring station in less than 30 minutes. Try out our starter kit here, or contact us directly and request your demo today!