Network Planning
Talkpool is specialized in the planning of networks and has many years of experience in challenging network planning projects.
We take care of the full project planning process, including, but not limited to, agreements with property owners, construction site inspections and the regulatory approval procedures. We take responsibility in our hands and support you. Our planning covers anything from fiber- and copper network planning up to project- and construction planning.

We plan:
  • Fiber optic networks (FTTH, FTTB, FTTC)
  • Copper cable networks
  • Network- and connection planning
  • Structure- and network planning
  • Mobile networks
We take project responsibility for:
  • Obtaining planning information
  • Obtaining property owner declarations
  • Coordination with property owners and authorities
  • Civil engineering inspections
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (initiation)
  • Approvals for road safety
  • Coordination (between civil engineering company and client)
  • When planning networks in nature conservation areas we coordinate with a green planning specialist and with the relevant authorities.
Our planning tools include:
  • QGIS and Megaplan