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    CO2 levels are a strong indicator for the risk of COVID-19 spreading in indoor environments. Read more about our solution for measuring CO2 levels:

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    Our partner Redytel continues to roll out Talkpool #LoRaWAN sensor devices in Spain. Now the CO2 levels are being monitored in public transport, to minimize the risk for #COVID19.

    Reported in the Spanish news:

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    Today is World Water Day 2021! Smart solutions make a big difference in sustainable use of water in many ways. We measure water consumption, prevent leakages and detect water pollution.

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    “Our customers value the high quality and high security of our solutions. This is a must for the Internet of Things industry.”

    Stefan Lindgren, CTO of Talkpool

    Highlights from our technology Lab


    Major Smart Buildings contract - 2020

    With a now mature Smart Buildings offering and a maturing real estate market, Talkpool realised a major breakthrough in this area with Atrium Ljungberg, one of Scandinavia’s leading real estate companies, at the start of 2020. The solutions deployed include smart metering of water, heating and energy consumption and condition monitoring.

    Industry leaders are starting to adopt Internet of Things at the core of their organisation at this stage.
    Talkpool’s mission is to service networks and enable solutions that allow people and things to communicate efficiently