Talkpool receives order for 15.000 IoT water meter devices

Talkpool News, April 12th, 2022

Talkpool’s long-term partner, B METERS, has placed an order for 15.000 IoT communication devices, compatible with their water meters. The order shows that demand for the product, first launched in 2018, keeps increasing, and the rollouts of the product are reaching large scale.

Talkpool developed LoRaWAN communication modules for B METERS, enabling a full range of water meters to use the de facto LPWAN standard for wireless communications. This was part of a strategic partnership, where B METERS contributes with a longstanding, proven track record of water meter expertise, and Talkpool contributes with its extensive experience in radio and security.

The partnership also fits in Talkpool’s ‘Talkpool-inside’ strategy, where Talkpool’s radio equipment is embedded into the product offering of companies that have a strong footprint in their respective domains. The sale of 15.000 LoRaWAN modules is a sign of the success of the strategy. These devices will be sold to end-customers by B METERS, in its various markets all over Europe.

The primary market driving use cases are submetering in real estate and smart metering by utility companies. Using smart meters for these applications allows for strengthened control of water management systems, including the detection of leakages and the invoicing of consumption, based on real-time insights in actual consumption. The key strengths of the product are its reliable performance, including strong radio-security to make it suitable for meter-to-invoice use cases. Additionally, B METERS and Talkpool have secured a strong supply chain, which ensures continuous deliveries of the meters to the market.

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