Talkpool internationally launches revolutionary Radon Gas Sensor based on LoRaWAN®

Talkpool News, June 8th, 2022

The device measures radon gas levels extremely fast and reports the data directly, online. This enables Smart Building Solutions, supports Green Building Certifications and allows for unique control of ventilation systems based on real-time Radon data. The product is now available for EMEA wide distribution.

Radon gas is a severe problem in many areas of the world, being the second most frequent cause of lung cancer. It is released from rock and soil as well as materials derived thereof, such as building materials. Outdoors, it quickly disperses, but indoors, it can get trapped and reach dangerously high levels. Good ventilation is crucial to prevent this. In many countries, regulations stipulate that radon levels need to be measured in certain locations, either periodically or continuously.

Talkpool’s new device, the OY1500 LoRaWAN Radon gas sensor, uses high voltage sensing technology and is thanks to this one of the most sensitive radon units on the market. High sensitivity means that rapid variations in the radon content are registered more correctly. In combination with the LoRaWAN network connectivity, this has resulted in a revolutionary device on the market for radon measurements that sends actionable data to the internet in real-time, allowing for control of ventilation systems. For competing, less sensitive, radon sensors, this isn’t possible since they present the floating 24-hour average value.

As a result of this, ventilation systems can be activated when radon levels increase, thereby ensuring a safe environment for the building users. On the other hand, when the building is not in use, like for example a school building at night, ventilation systems can be turned off to save energy, to be activated again in time before the day starts. This can thereby tackle key safety-, sustainability- and financial targets of real estate owners and facility managers.

Next to the device’s ability to take very rapid measurements, it also is designed for long-term installation into a building. The measurement data is reported over the internet. The device is tamper-proof, with a sensor in it that detects movement and sends an alarm in real-time. These measurements support green building certifications and help to create a safe, healthy indoor environment. 

The device has been co-developed by Talkpool, experts in radio technology and IoT solutions for the real estate industry, and by the world leading radon sensor technology company. As it transmits data wirelessly, it is extremely easy to install. To get high quality measurement data of radon gas requires calculations that require more power than is possible for the device’s battery capacity, therefore, the calculations are done online instead. The advanced calibration and verification of the measured data results in measurements that are verified to the NIST standard and can therefore be used for official reporting duties in line with regulations.

Distribution through Talkpool’s partner network of distributors and Smart Building Solution providers will allow real estate owners and building tenants globally to enjoy safer, smarter, sustainable buildings.

LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.

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