Sustainable infrastructure

    Urgency of action

    A strong infrastructure is the backbone for a stable situation in any society. It enables people access to communication, transport and resources. Political instability, natural disasters and hostile attacks can damage a society’s infrastructure and disrupt society.

    UN Sustainable Development Goals:
    9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Talkpool’s contribution

    Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Talkpool has been working in the network services industry, meaning providing installation, maintenance and optimization services to the critical network infrastructure in many different countries and continents. An example of critical operations is when Haiti was struck by natural disaster and the network went down. Talkpool’s teams rushed out and repaired the network as soon as possible, enabling people to communicate effectively again.
    Additionally, Talkpool provides sensor devices that provide alarm statuses for any abnormal situation in the building or telecom site. This provides the building owner ‘eyes’ into the building at all times. One example is fire alarms, where building managers are provided with online insights into the functionality of all their fire alarms; do all the devices still work, none are out of battery? Similarly there are online status updates in real-time for emergency lighting, leakage detection, moisture damage prevention and access control.