Micro LoRaWAN Gateway

The Talkpool Micro IoT Gateway is designed for enterprise and lightweight industrial applications that require “Always On” connectivity. Configured with an internal 3G/4G modem and a built-in battery backup, the Talkpool Micro IoT gateway continues to operate and transmits sensor data to the network even when the main site has lost power.

Simple to configure and cost effective, it is an ideal hub for deployment of enterprise-level applications in areas where LoRaWAN™ coverage is not yet readily available or for private networks where the operator requires unfettered access to the gateways regardless of their deployment location.

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Talkpool Micro LoRaWAN Gateway

The Talkpool Micro IoT Gateway is an ideal solution for providing LoRaWAN coverage to indoor environments and is the backbone to any smart building application. It provides strong coverage in a large indoor area and supports battery backup and 3G/4G backhaul to ensure reliable operations.



Frequency bands

868 MHz