COVID Indoor air quality alliance

Talkpool News, April 21st, 2021

Covid 19 prevention in public places and transports – Talkpool, Redytel, Netmore and Senseair form indoor air quality alliance.

We are all concerned about the spread of Covid 19 in society – which to a large degree is transmitted by aerosols in the air we breathe. New technologies related to Internet of Things have allowed large scale deployment of sensors that are able to monitor air quality in real time.

Based on positive initial results from pilot projects the parties have decided to form an indoor air quality alliance with the aim to provide solutions that can prevent the spread of Covid 19 and support a safe reopening of society.

The relationship between CO2 levels and air quality has been documented for years in European and US regulations. The main Covid 19 infection risk is to inhale virus that a sick person has exhaled.  It is possible to estimate and reduce this risk by measuring indoor CO2 levels and take preventive actions.

Example of air quality in public places

The Spanish cities Ponferrada, León and Boadilla decided to monitor and control CO2 levels in indoor public environments such as schools, libraries, museums and medical centers and make them available via apps and web.

Results so far:

  • Air quality levels are known to authorities and the public.
  • Poorly ventilated areas have been detected and addressed.
  • Risk of Covid 19 transmission has been reduced.
  • Less stress and anxiety among citizens.
  • Based on positive results plans are made to extend scope to private public places such as restaurants, cafes, gyms, etc.

Example of air quality in public transportation

With the public places monitored and controlled the next objective has been the indoor environment of public transport. Ponferrada is the first city with all its public buses monitored and CO2 levels made available to the public via apps and web.

Results so far:

  • Transport managers and bus drivers are always aware of the CO2 levels and can improve the use of ventilation system as well as keep doors open longer at bus stops.
  • Task force has been initiated to optimize ventilation, bus routes and schedules. 
  • Passengers can plan their travels based on historical and current CO2 levels.
  • Risk of Covid 19 transmission has been reduced.

About the parties

  • Talkpool provides cutting edge IoT solutions globally with focus on environmental control, energy saving and damage prevention.
  • Redytel is a leading Spanish IoT Company that have created the software solution used to monitor indoor air quality.  
  • Senseair is a leading global provider of high-performance air and gas sensing technology with sensors and solutions that can be found in the field of indoor and outdoor air quality, alcohol detection, gas alarms, life science, automotive and industrial applications.
  • Netmore will, in its role as IoT operator with a nationwide Swedish network, provide the vital connectivity needed for the CO2 sensors to send and receive data to the application.
  • Ponferrada City Council has collaborated with Redytel and made the very promising results of their indoor air quality project using Talkpool/Senseair sensors available for publication.

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