Multi-tenant landlords use IoT solutions in building management

Talkpool Article, July 1st, 2019

Real estate companies are using IoT solutions in their building management. The solutions include among others sub-metering and energy optimisation in buildings.

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Smart cities of the future: clean air and water (LoV-IoT part 1)

Talkpool Article, June 18th, 2019

Talkpool works together with municipalities, research institutes and industry specialists to ensure that our cities are sustainable, green environments for future generations to live in, through the LoV-IoT project. The project focuses on the utilization of smart solutions to monitor air and water quality in urban environments to increase public health.

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Why Talkpool’s OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor is the go-to unit in the IoT industry

Talkpool Article, April 26th, 2019

The LoRaWAN sensor device stands out in its easy operability, security and price.

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How insurance companies and real estate owners can use IoT to prevent costly building damages

Talkpool Solution Insights

Talkpool’s solution revolutionizes the way building damages are handled by all stakeholders, resulting in cost-efficient and sustainable management of buildings.

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Smart indoor climate control leads to better health and performance

Talkpool Solution Insights

Indoor climate supervision is facilitated by Talkpool’s state-of-the-art IoT platform, transforming schools, offices, stores and living spaces.

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LoV-IoT spreads to Chile

Talkpool Article, September 25th, 2018

LoV IoT is a Swedish IoT project Talkpool is involved in, with the goal to accomplish better public health through cities’ air and water monitoring. Late September, the team, including Talkpool’s CTO Stefan Lindgren, travelled to Chile to spread the project there. The visit of the team also marks the start of a large scale test project in Santiago, Chile.

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