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Talkpool Article, December 12th, 2019

Last summer, we announced the start of a large project with one of Sweden’s leading real estate companies. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ongoing operations with Talkpool’s Head of Solutions, Patric Kristiansson.

What is Talkpool currently working on in the project?

“We are currently working on 3 big sites, areas consisting of multiple buildings. The client is working to implement sub metering as well as to attain BREEAM green building certification for some of the buildings. We support this by ensuring that all buildings and all tenants can be measured individually via automatic meter reading of electricity, warm/cold water and heating/cooling by connecting the sites to our LoRaWAN network. These projects are a mix of retrofitting existing units, by adding communication modules to them, and installation of entirely new LoRaWAN units.”

Patric Kristiansson, Head of Solutions at Talkpool

Talkpool’s sensor portfolio consists of smart meters and indoor environmental sensors, but also a probe converter unit. On top of that, third party sensors are sourced, so that practically all the existing meters can be connected to the IoT network.

What are the next steps in the project?

“As a next step, we are connecting the automatic meter reading (AMR) to the billing system, so that every individual tenant can be invoiced for their utilities consumption, based on what they have actually been using. This will also enable informed decisions by tenants on energy consumption, water usage etc which over time will lead to more efficient and eco-friendly consumption patterns.

With our solution the real estate owner will accomplish a decrease in operational costs, increase in environmental performance and simplify green building certification.”

Patric Kristiansson, Head of Solutions at Talkpool

Why did you choose LoRaWAN as a technology for this project?

“LoRaWAN is becoming the industry de facto standard for smart buildings. It is perfect for smart meters, which you need to communicate over long range while being positioned in deep indoor locations, but at the same time have more than 10 years  years of battery life. The ecosystem is quickly growing, with a wide range of products being available on the market. On top of that, Talkpool runs a public LoRa network in Sweden, so all the ingredients for a successful solution deployment are there”

Patric Kristiansson, Head of Solutions at Talkpool

More can be read about Talkpool’s IoT solutions for multi-tenant landlords here: http://talkpool.com/multi-tenant-landlords-use-iot-solutions-in-building-management/

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