IoT air quality monitoring, cold weather tests and humanitarian aid, the story of this ambulance

Talkpool article, March 17th, 2022 

During recent months, Talkpool has been part of a project where its LoRaWAN air quality devices were installed in vehicles to monitor air quality inside the vehicle. This data has given important insights in air quality status in public transport, and has also been used to verify the effect of air cleaning systems.

The project is a collaboration with the Swedish Uppsala University and focuses on an innovative technology for air cleaning in vehicles. The technology uses heat from the vehicle’s engine to sterilize virus particles in the air. Talkpool’s air quality sensors show different parameters of air quality, such as carbon dioxide or particulate matter, and have been monitoring the process. The project was covered in a Swedish TV news broadcast in February.

In the picture: the bus that has been used in the air quality monitoring project, and which is now on its way to Ukraine.

Last week, the system was tested in an ambulance in the city of Arjeplog, in the north of Sweden, under cold weather circumstances. The tests verified that the system also operates successfully in harsh winter conditions, leading to a reduction in the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

As a next chapter in the story of this ambulance, this same vehicle is now on its way to Ukraine, filled with medical equipment. The vehicle and medical equipment are donated to Ukraine, supporting the country in its crisis situation. This was featured in the Swedish news as well.

More can be read about Talkpool’s indoor air quality monitoring solution here: https://talkpool.com/covid-19-co2-monitoring/

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