Why Talkpool’s OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor is the go-to unit in the IoT industry

Talkpool Article, April 26th, 2019

The LoRaWAN sensor device stands out in its easy operability, security and price.

In February 2019, Talkpool announced the release of the second generation of its LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor. In this article, we outline why it is the go-to unit in the IoT industry for IoT solution integrators and end-customers such as building owners and insurance companies, by the hand of three key factors. The OY1110 distinguishes itself from other IoT temperature and humidity sensors in price, security, and easy operability.

Easy operability
The OY1110 is a wireless sensor with a maintenance free battery lifetime of over 10 years at 15 minute measurement and transmission intervals. This makes the sensor fit for applications in smart buildings, where the sensor is rolled out in mass volumes, for example to measure temperature and humidity in every apartment. Taking this into account, Talkpool has taken a number of actions when developing this sensor device:

“We learned during the large scale deployments of our previous temperature and humidity sensor that our customers highly value ease of installation. We have developed this new sensor so that the user can simply mount it to a wall with 2 small screws or a stick solution. The sensor is easily activated by pressing a button, which can also indicate the sensor’s status or deactivate it. This makes the installation of thousands of sensors go very smooth and quick.

With its stylish design, the OY1110 blends nicely into a building’s interior environment. The sensor is controlled digitally, as the user can conveniently set measurement and transmission intervals via the network server, with downlink commands. Overall, we’ve fine-tuned all the details, making sure the OY1110 has been designed perfectly for massive rollouts in smart buildings.”

Stefan Lindgren, CTO of Talkpool.

Another crucial and unfortunately often overlooked component is the device security. Talkpool’s OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor has been equipped with a cryptographic co-processor to optimize security, on top of firmware features such as secure boot and firmware upgrades.

As said previously, the sweet spot for the OY1110 is in deployments of volumes of thousands, to monitor temperature and humidity on a large scale. This needs to go hand-in-hand with a sharp price point and Talkpool has managed to do so.

Talkpool’s OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor

“One of the key aspects that our customers like about our OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor is its sharp price point. IoT solutions integrators, distributors and LoRaWAN operators all turn to our sensors when sourcing devices for their end-customers, because its price-performance ratio is exactly what they are looking for.”.

Boris de Bruin, Marketing and Sales at Talkpool IoT.

The OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor is mainly used in applications as indoor climate monitoring, energy savings and building damage prevention. Contact us today to discuss how this IoT device can add value to your business or to order samples directly.

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