Talkpool‘s Climate Targets

Following the Paris Climate Agreement from 2015 Talkpool is dedicated to keep the global warming below the level of 1,5°C.

To reach the climate target, the world has to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to limit to keep global warming below the threshold of 1,5°C.

Talkpool is defining its activity and focus on 4 main sectors:

  • Talkpool inhouse efforts
  • Talkpool’s product offering to its customers
  • Supplier efforts
  • Efforts in the Supply Chain

The key elements of Talkpool’s Climate Actions are:

Supplier focus:
We in Talkpool are following our Responsible Sourcing Strategy which contains several elements in the process of supplier qualification.

Supplier Self-Assessment
All major suppliers must complete a mandatory Supplier Self-Assessments that relate to all below requirement documents: Code-of-Conduct, Environmental requirements before they are selected. The self-assessment is a questionnaire and is an important tool for evaluating existing and potential new suppliers to Talkpool.

Talkpool’s Supplier Evaluation and Selection
The self-assessment is used to communicate Talkpool general requirements and expectations to our suppliers, to collect information for supplier and to identify potential risks connected to a certain supplier and supply chains.

Suppliers not adhering to Talkpool‘s requirements may be subject to termination of their contracts.

Supply Chain focus:
We’re providing Guidance to our Supply Chain Partners to set the 1.5°C target.

  • 1.5°C Exponential Roadmap Initiative – A guidance for partners on how to reach the 1.5°C ambition.
  • GHG Protocol – Provides standards and guidance which enables companies to measure, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and value chains.
  • SME Climate Hub – Used to publicly announce 1.5°C aligned targets and has information and guides valuable for companies of all sizes. Often used by small and medium enterprises and is free of charge.

Talkpools’s supplier climate action is driven by the HQ organization. Each sourcing supplier shall provide a self-assessment during the sourcing process. The result of the supplier climate target shall be reported by the supplier on a yearly basis. The sustainability program and portfolio is governed by Talkpools´s Executive Team.

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