Smart water quality management in Gothenburg: SCOREwater and Talkpool

Talkpool Article, November 26th, 2020

Talkpool and partners have taken a next step in the Horizon2020 project SCOREwater, with the installation of IoT sensors for water quality monitoring around construction sites. This opens new opportunities for water quality management in urban environments.

During 2020, IoT sensors have been installed in a number of locations in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the SCOREwater project. These sensors monitor water quality parameters such as turbidity, pH, conductivity and temperature. What makes the sensors unique is that they use low power IoT communications (LoRaWAN), which results in a long lasting battery life without any need for external power.The installations are the first rollout, around which new use cases and business models will be developed, and is part of the EU funded SCOREwater project. You can read more about the project here: https://www.scorewater.eu/

The sensor devices transmit the measurement data over Talkpool’s LoRaWAN network. 

We’ve connected analogue probes to our smart communication unit, which powers the probes, activates them to take a measurement and then transmits the collected data to our network. The big challenge is to collect reliable, high quality data while making it affordable for mass market rollout. We’ve taken important steps in realizing this and with the first installations completed we have a strong foundation for commercialization of the solutions. Our wireless sensors contribute to prevention and early detection of pollution around construction sites.

Patric Kristiansson, Head of Solutions at Talkpool.

Measurement points have been strategically chosen around construction sites

The LoRaWAN sensors can communicate even when placed underground in the sewer system

In the upcoming period the project will further explore the commercialization of the project. 

“The SCOREwater project focuses on managing water pollution around construction sites. The parameters pH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity can give a good indication of water quality and are relatively easy to measure. Traditionally, water quality is periodically measured by taking samples that are processed in a lab, over the course of several days. The development of sensor technology and Talkpool’s IoT solution have made it possible to take accurate measurements frequently and publish real time data.”

Anton Jacobson, Environmental Engineer at IVL.

The data can be used for a wide range of activities, such as fast water pollution identification or even prevention, data reporting to the authorities, water treatment system protection, preventive maintenance in sewer system and more. The SCOREwater project consists of partners such as environmental research institutes, city management organizations, industry specialists and technology companies. Apart from Gothenburg, also the cities of Amersfoort (in the Netherlands) and Barcelona (in Spain) are part of the project.

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