Smart indoor climate control leads to better health and performance

Talkpool Solution Insights

Indoor climate supervision is facilitated by Talkpool’s state-of-the-art IoT platform, transforming schools, offices, stores and living spaces.

We spend on average 92% of our time indoors, making the quality of our indoor climate very important. Bad air quality leads to a decrease in health and performance. Yet, ensuring good indoor climate is not easy. In big buildings, such as shopping malls, large offices or school buildings, in parts of the building people can’t concentrate or feel ill due to heat, while elsewhere it is too cold. The key is to get better insights into the air quality, at low cost.

Talkpool offers an integrated data platform that provides key insights into the air quality. This allows for better facility management, integrating ventilation systems directly for automated control and understanding air quality patterns and peak hours over longer periods of time, with the potential for machine learning based control. The results are happier tenants, employees, customers and students.

There are a few key factors contributing to a good indoor climate. The first is carbon dioxide, which directly impacts decision making and health. In some countries it is already mandatory to regulate carbon dioxide in for example school buildings, so that it never reaches levels of over 1.000~1.200 ppm. Secondly, particles in the air are dangerous to our health as they get stuck in us, with the smallest particles being the most dangerous. Thirdly, temperature has a direct impact on our wellbeing, nobody can focus or feel comfortable in hot or cold indoor spaces and finally, humidity is of interest to prevent deterioration of goods and buildings.

Talkpool has utilized its expertise in low power IoT solutions to develop stylish indoor climate supervision sensors with a cloud platform and end-customer integrations that result in improved indoor climate.

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