Internet of Things

    Talkpool offers a wide range of services within IoT and together with its partners aims to be a complete solution provider. Ask us anything regarding IoT and we’ll help you transform your business. Learn more about the services we offer or go directly to our smart solutions.

    Business consultancy, workshops and support
    Network planning, building and maintaining
    Product development and customization
    Data integration- and presentation layer development

    Smart buildings

    Building owners use smart building solutions to optimize living conditions and indoor climate for their tenants while minimizing operating wastes by measuring utilities, as well as temperature and CO2. Insurance companies gather insights in, and take control of indoor climate to create perfect damage preventing conditions, for example by measuring humidity. Talkpool offers a wide range of solutions to create smart, connected buildings.

    Smart cities

    Cities all over the world are applying smart solutions to attain improvements for people and the environment. A world of opportunities opens when smart devices are connected to the internet. New insights and better control go hand in hand with increased transparency and new services. Examplary use cases are in water- and pollution management. There are endless possible use cases, Talkpool helps cities explore, develop and deploy efficient solutions.

    Smart industries

    The positive impact of IoT in industrial environments is eminent and business are quickly adapting. By connecting industries to the internet with the help of smart sensors businesses can now better manage their assets as well as control their great variety of processes digitally. Talkpool works with industrial clients to create customized solutions and by building secure, optimized, private networks.

    Smart operators

    Telecommunications operators use connected sensors to monitor their network sites with increased efficiently. The technology enables remote control over on-site security by monitoring suspicious activities and hazardous temperatures. Talkpool offers several renowned solutions for site-monitoring.

    Smart power

    When a reliable source of energy is required for your operations, smart power solutions provide an excellent outcome. Total power blackouts or unstable energy can have detrimental effects on organizations. A wide range of organizations suffering from an unreliable electricity grid, such as telecom operators, banks and hospitals, now use smart power solutions to ensure a safe and stable energy source. Talkpool has several turn-key solutions active and available to your organizations.

    Data management

    Talkpool works with blockchain technology to automate, secure and decentralize transactions on the internet.


    Network services

    Talkpool has been building and maintaining networks all over the world since 2000 and is known as a trustworthy partner in the industry.


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