Data Management

    Talkpool has a skilled team of software specialists in place and offers various services that help companies to securely integrate, manage and analyze data.

    Data security

    Talkpool helps companies to securely manage their data with secure data warehouses and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology quickly transforms the world. It adds a whole new dimension to the internet where all types of transaction can be automated, secured and distributed. Talkpool is building upon its expertise in telecom networks, Internet-of-Things and security to enable blockchain solutions.

    Data intelligence

    Talkpool transforms collected data into valuable business intelligence for companies and organizations to help improve processes and decision-making. By data analysis and modeling, with support of AI and machine learning technologies, Talkpool develops smart algorithms to automate systems or create new insights.

    Internet of Things

    Talkpool offers a wide range of services within IoT, from sensor development to connectivity and data visualization and control solutions.


    Network services

    Talkpool has been building and maintaining networks all over the world since 2000 and is known as a trustworthy partner in the industry.


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