Network services

    Since Talkpool was founded in the year 2000, managed telecommunications services have been the core competence of Talkpool. Over the years the company has built up valuable expertize and is now known as a very respected partner in this area.

    The telecom network services business unit comprises Talkpool's core competence areas such as planning, implementation and maintenance of mobile and fixed telecom networks.

    The services offering is developed based on the needs for customized, but cost efficient and flexible services from equipment vendors and telecom operators around the world.

    Global reach

    TalkPool has implemented telecom networks in over 50 countries on six continents with ongoing operations and maintenance contracts for telecom networks in several countries. TalkPool can quickly manage projects in different markets through a reliable team of global experts combined with local market presence on four continents.

    TalkPool has a well-established market position, is supplier and technology independent and has long-standing frame-work agreements with global equipment vendors. For inquiry and requests for proposal see contact form below.

    Internet of Things

    Talkpool offers a wide range of services within IoT, from sensor development to connectivity and data visualization and control solutions.


    Data management

    Talkpool works with blockchain technology to automate, secure and decentralize transactions on the internet.


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