LoRaWAN Sensors

    Collecting data to give your organization unique digital insights in processes starts with the right sensors. Talkpool helps you source the right sensors based upon your unique business case. With an experienced team of developers and Talkpool’s partners, we can customize our sensors to your requirements. Find Talkpool’s IoT sensors below and contact us for ordering and more information on IoT sensors.

    OY1400 LoRaWAN converter 0-10V, 4-20 mA

    LoRaWAN unit designed to connect external analogue probes to your LoRaWAN network. Fit for industrial environments, built to have many years of maintenance free battery life.

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    Strega LoRaWAN valve

    LoRaWAN unit, which controls flow in water pipes. Used to remotely shut off the flow of water through apartments, for example for tenants with unpaid invoices, or to control water flow in water management systems.

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    LoRaWAN connectivity

    Talkpool can provide complete connectivity, based upon your needs and wishes.


    Software products

    Talkpool offers a data presentation layer system, allowing you to clearly monitor and control the data coming in from your IoT sensors.


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